Why LiveMORE ?

LoveLiving was created as a pathway to promote a healthy life style of positivity through stories of joy, pictures of life and videos of the way we go by our day that establishes longevity. LiveMore.

No catch. Just watch my site, and take in the moments and incorporate them into your life.

You want to feel better and look healthier? Watch some videos of mine as I show you some fundamental ways of doing so.

Do you have aspirations of traveling? Watch my experiences and send me yours, I’ll post them here!

You see, my goal has always been to find my purpose, my reason of living, my reason of waking up every morning, what are YOU living for!?

I want to forget the advertisements, the catch, the money, if you want to donate, fine, if you want to purchase some apparel because you think it will help you stay within your goals, then do so; however my goal has always been to do something that’s bigger than myself, that’s bigger then all of us.

There are countless trainers; websites, Youtube videos, that speak  about their way to get the “Ultimate Six Pack Abs,” or “Loose weight in 30 days,” fine, I’m not taking anything away from those websites or posts, all LoveLiving is trying to establish is a way every race, religion, culture, age can connect to…INSTANTLY!

Afterall, we all need a motivation from time to time. We all need optimism. If you know me, you know how positive of a person I am. Everyone has downfalls, and I CANT possibly understand the depths of them, the depths of that loving one, that relationship you have shared. I do understand people, and know we all need a shoulder to cry on or maybe a ridiculous video to watch from time to time. I will be that person that makes a fool out of himself to make you smile, I’ll take that hit and go viral on WorldStar 😉

Goal here is to simply want love for YOUR LIFE, nobody else’s. Just click on the latest workout video or even meal prep for a big fight or dress your trying to fit into. I got you. May God Bless you and hope you #LoveLiving.

P.S. For private inquiry or training sessions, you can call or email 914-620-7036; lovelivingvibez@gmail.com; and I will get back to you. You can also send your videos, pictures or even comments, questions or concerns at lovelivingvibez@gmail.com or Instagram, Snapchat @LoveLivingVibez

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