I dare you today, this week or this month, or the next time you get into an elevator, instead of staying silent for 30 seconds, I want you to start making conversation with 1 person or everyone inside that elevator. Can you do it?

Why: Gaining confidence comes from facing fears; by doing something random and spontaneous that you never even thought you would ever do. So try to commit on doing 1 thing out of your comfort zone every day and watch your confidence go up. After all, that’s the true key to success and #Loving your #Life.


Give a rose to a deserving person in your life today!

Why: An ounce of appreciation is all everyone seeks from time to time. Make their day!


Speak about something in common with someone, and just listen to them, that’s it.

Why: Everyone just wants a friend, someone they can talk to and dress up with from time to time. Try to be that friend today.


Say the words ‘I love you’ to three deserving people. Randomly. Yes spark up and make their day.

Why: Everyone wants to be loved and cared about. As soon you as you start giving out love in the world, it will gravitate towards you!


Write down your short/long term goals in your ceiling. Yes in your ceiling!! Get a paper and tape and stick it on to there.

Why: Your goal should be the last picture you look at before you go to sleep and the first picture you look at once you wake up. Doing this will remind you every day of your task your setting out to complete! Your mind, body and heart will be programmed to work towards that objective. Once your finished with that goal, you move on to the next one. Goals are short term, consistent, objectives that you accomplish every day.


Close your eyes and remember a time where you felt confident; sexy, creative , exquisite, charming a time where you felt on top of your game and everything was going right for you. Feel that energy you had and try to recreate it today, not being spiteful or cocky however. Do in a way that helps trigger your brain to know that you exist and you are still there. Regardless of what has happened or is happening , you are Beautiful, charming, smart and you have proved it.

Why: Your brain is a very powerful piece of machine. Yes a machine! Once you tell a machine to do something, over and over again, you are directing a change of movement. You can go from a negative state to a positive state instantly (some harder for others of course) when we are able to re create a movie in our heads and remember a time of good, a time when you scored high on that exam, or nailed an interview or had a real good game; your are recreating positive electrolytes that will change your state of mind and overall confidence.

Change your screensaver to what you want to accomplish…then watch a TedTalk video on it and/or anything scholarly recognize (academic journals, book)

Why: Similarly to posting your goals on the top of your ceiling; having your goal on your phones screensaver will always keep you alert of what you are aiming for. Watching a TedTalk video on it or reading about it, will just add to that relentless drive to that goal you must attain if you want to accomplish it. Go, there’s only 24 hours in a day (8 to sleep, another 8 for work, then say you travel an hour to and from work everyday that’s 18 hours which leaves 6 hours left, those six hours you might have school or running to another job…time manage yourself, watch it on the train, train yourself to change , in order to be successful you must be accustomed to 3-4 hours of sleep sometimes non!) remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…time to change it up!

Do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups everyday for the next 2 weeks before you shower.

Why: In order to be healthy one most change and be healthy. Small steps will gravitate towards success. Exercising small goals that are attainable will in-act confidence to accomplish the bigger goals , while seeing some results and feeling confident thereafter!

Drink water, just water for 1 one week. No juice, no alcohol nor sugar free coffee.

Why: Everyone has their own “secret” formula on how to lose weight fast. This is mine. Simple. Shock your body by letting go of the sugars on life that’s on everything besides H20 (water). On your body is made is 78 percent water. Hence, by just drinking water you will not only contend your body weight, but you will also burn out much of the body water fat that has been sitting inside your body. Committing to this for just a week, 7 full days, will make you feel healthier and more energetic. You will not need the sugar content your body is accustomed to. So once you let go of that, your setting a diet for yourself there and then. Try it. Do it. Commit to it! Once your done and you think 1 week is easy, try doing it for another week. Watch your body develop to its healthy natural self 💭

Go into your phone and randomly text somebody and ask them this “I hope you are well and your loved ones are happy and healthy, I am doing very well myself. I am just reaching out to see if I can help you in any way today with anything…”


You will sparkle love into that’s persons day. That person you text could be having a bad day or even a great day and you just made it even better. They will feel gratitude for themselves. They will feel a generous to do the same. They will wonder why them, and this might even make them feel a guilty sensation of humbleness to be a better person today.

Next morning, go ONE HOUR without looking at your phone.


We are so distracted and disconnected to our surroundings by a little devise which we are suppose to control. Our intuitive personalities want to come out, like an animal in a cage. Our attention spam is magnetic to a device , keeping us ignorant of what is very much in front of us. You might lose an opportunity to meet your future partner because you had your head down looking at your phone. Practice this ritual of not looking at your devise just for 1 hour. This will focus your attention on what’s in front of you. Maybe conversate with your mom or dad for the first time in a while…ask that loved one how they have been, when is the last time you have done that?