About LiveMore

William De La Cruz ‘aka Motivation’ is a Dominican Native out of Washington Heights, New York. Will is well described by his peers and mentors as creatively original, spontaneous with a bold personality for a relentless drive to excel; his family being his thread and screensaver for motivation.

Growing up in the heart of a drug known neighborhood can be the answer and an “easy path'” for a young one to provide financial stability for any lower-income family. Those perspective’s have widen his own life experiences.


WHY LiveMore?

  ‘Many of us drive without a destination; walk without purpose or with a reason of living. I simply created a platform to inspire individuals to do just that. This foundation is not just about fitness. This foundation sets other “fitness brands” apart because we provide an inspirational effort to bring a new energy into you’re life. Energy of wellness that helps bring new positive light that turns those previous struggles into success stories, as everyone has encountered downfalls at some point in their life. Whether it’s a story or quote for motivation; a health tip for self-meditation; or a community event to uplift others when they are down…my goal is to help others LiveMore while bringing purpose into their life…What are you living for ?”

—CEO William De La Cruz

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