New Client Contract/Rates (Personal Training)

Gym Instructor- New Prospective Client Contract

LiveMore, L.L.C,  is motivated to infuse passion and love into someone’s life. My PURPOSE is to find and provide meaning for your purpose and reason of living. I want to promote a healthy life style through stories of joy, pictures of life and videos of the way we go by our day that establishes longevity to LiveMore. Afterall, everyone needs Motivation from time to time. In order to achieve success, an individual HAS to have a plan. An individual cannot obtain success over night without the right person in front of you that lives through success. You need a person that is willing to ignite that light within you; whatever it takes.

Our lives fold in moments in which we are not in the PRESENT, we are not MINDFULL of the things we do or the time we spend NOT getting things done. Shame on you for not valuing your time. We begin to lose opportunities that we didn’t even know existed because of unconscious behaviors, depleted by fear and insecurities.

There is a DIRECTION you are going, a direction that you want to go. That is why you are reading this statement in front of you. That is why you are visiting the site above every day, to keep you in YOUR GAME. Quit losing YOUR GAME and RESTING ON YESTERDAYS LURELS.

If I am certain of one aspect of life, I am certain of my uncertainties which many individuals are not. When you look at your meaning, your purpose of action in doing the things you do; it is your job to wake up to DOMINATE those actions every second, every hour, every day of every month in the year. That is how you stay on top of YOUR GAME.

If you care about YOUR GAME, if you care enough to seize the opportunity in front of you as you expand to another level of DOMINATION and relentless changes in your life. Join me to your pursuit on LivingMore. I will be your conscience, your book, your everyday Google in expanding your way of living, your way of thinking of fulfillments. Whether it’s Fitness/Health. A motivational hour as I consult your prospective classrooms. Or a One on One line; Facetime or Skype that will unfold the changes you WANT.

Sign it, and let’s begin.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

-Albert Einstein

All new prospective Gym Clients…


My purpose is to help find your purpose as I have mentioned. Hence, I will like to provide the best way possible in order for YOU to decide if I will be the right fit for that.

Here is what I will do FOR FREE (One on One only)…

There are generally three things to consider when factoring in your costs to train a client: (

1. Travel time

2. Gym fees

3. Equipment costs

–I will travel to your nearest Gym (preferably Planet fitness/Blink). You will be paying for my services as a Gym Instructor only! Which handles the gym fees. Equipment costs will be provided by the gym and myself (depending on what the client’s goals (Example, Stretching bands to take home, (which gyms won’t provide you for)

What to expect on your FREE TRAINING SESSION?

You will EMAIL me at least ONE-TWO weeks before you will like to meet. On the email you will include your NAME, OCCUPATION, DOB, HOME ADDRESS, CELLPHONE number and most importantly you’re CURRENT WEIGHT, HEIGHT and your GOAL! Include your dates/time of availability!! (Please include any medical conditions, food allergies, any strengths, weaknesses or anything else you think I should know). Finally, include ONE fun fact about yourself.

(For example, Good afternoon Sir, my name is William De La Cruz, I am a student and work in Law Enforcement. I was born on February 6, 1996. I live on 500 West 190 Street, New York, NY. My cellphone number is 914-620-7036, my current weight is 180 pounds and I will like you to help me gain more muscle and lose 15 pounds. I am flexible with my schedule, I would preferably like to work out on Sunday or Monday mornings. I have no allergies or medical conditions that require attention.

Fun Fact: I like to run at nights when it’s raining.)

–On top of your FIRST FREE ONE ON ONE SESSION and the three listed items above being absolutely free; after the first session I will provide you with a 3 day-meal prep plan. That’s right. You will not to have to do the work of thinking of what to eat or the calories you will be consuming. I will do ALL of the THINKING for you. I will organize this 3-day meal prep plan accordingly to our first FREE training session together.

What will I be paying for?

— Then, just then, after our first FREE training session YOU will decide whether you will like to come up with a WILL’S Workout Plan; in which we will both sit down and come up with a set scheduled plan that put’s ACTION and commitment to the PURPOSE you came to discover.

1. WILL’S WORKOUT PLAN will provide accorded workouts that helps and focuses on your Individual GOAL you gave me.

2. Meal prep will also be provided after coming up with WILL’S Workout plan.

Things you will see:

-Foods to Eat/Times to eat them

-Calories you are/will consume

-‘Solo’ workouts when I am not with you

3. Flexibility, I will make it my best to consider your flexible schedules. I will also be ‘ON CALL’ 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, as I help you attain those goals that we WILL seek, together!

Rates: All rates are 70 Min workout sessions. Are rates require a minimum of 14 day courses.

1 Days a week: $44.99

2 Days a week: $78.00

3 Days a week: $120.00

4 Days a week: $169.00

LiveMore Polyester apparel are 50 percent off for clients (Ex, Polyester shirt $10)

Note: Attendance MUST be punctual. Any changes of dates/time must be made 48-24 hours in advance. Upon Failure to do so, session(s) ‘owed’ will not be made up (unless there are extreme circumstances).

Contact Information:

CEO William De La Cruz

500 West 190 Street Apt 4i

New York, NY 10040


I adhere by the name of _________________________________________________

To have read the statements above and agree with LiveMore’s policies and there rules and regulations.