Success Stories

Frank, At 25, a Firefighter, Co-Transform Fitness Owner & Co-Founder for StyleSocietynyc, is first a spiritual Life Entrepreneur and real-estate investor/business owner. His motivation for excellence and execution is far beyond many, already in the map for top “personal trainor’s” in the New York Area. Frank, after not knowing what he wanted to do after college…looks to gravite his energy to the world, using Wellness/Fitness to provide a transformation in people’s life’s. #LiveMore. #LoveMore. #LoveLiving. #Entrepreneur #Firefighter #BusinessOwner #Fitness #Wellness #Health

One of the most humble and giving human beings I have been blessed to have met. One of my mentors, NYPD Lieutenant, Speaker and Philanthropist is very known for his involvement with the communities in New York City. Mike has been featured on many news outlets. His goal is to provide Love in people’s life’s, so they can provide love and gratitude for their loved ones. His tough background growing up in Brooklyn, shaped his mindset today as a set, purpose driven life for God through the faith he has given him. Mike wants the world to understand that hardships blinds us from the faith it should actually give us. His stories and speeches are greatly felt, and touch many recruits for the #NYPD. #LiveMore. LoveMore. #LoveLiving. #Faith #God #GiveBack #Mentor #Foundation #Love

Jerelyn Cabrera dwells on being an example for every day women striving for a career in beauty/model/stylist designer. Christian, dealing with much adversaries in her life, including anxiety, is still able to attend school full time and has just launched her blog and brand. Go Jerelyn! #LiveMore #Style #pModel #Blogger

Gabriel Baez is a working alcoholic in the gym and in life. This is one of the most humble persons I have been blessed to meet. His personality is eccentric as well as his work ethic. His struggles on and off the baseball field has given him the wrath of faith and through God, he has relentlessly lost over 40 pounds in 1 month and is still going. His potential is far like non. #LiveMore. #Gainz #GodsGrace

Ronny Reyes is one of the most hard working guys I have ever met for his craft. His relentless drive is driven by his tough and humble upbringings as a younger child, using that fuel for his engine at the ring. This past year, Reyes won the 2018 National Golden Gloves in the North East at the famous Madison Square Garden. Ronny, 22, looks to begin his profesional boxing career very soon. Stay tune. #LiveMore

Three years ago, Thaimmy, let her own fear of neglect and shame, shape her whole future…as she let her early high school years dictate her senior year of high school. Despite efforts to obtain her GED then; she let a professor influence her future to not take the exam (because of a low practice exam grade). Thaimmy was hurt, dismantled with her existence…she felt worthless, this turned into a ‘secret’ for the next couple of years. Last year, I met this beautiful lady; with unfilled potential that could bloom anybody’s day. Her personality was as adventurous as the experiences she has yet to see. Our talks lead to travels. Our conversations turned into creativity. She learned to ride a jet ski . She left the country for the first time in her life. She obtain her drivers license, with much more experiences along the way. This motivated her to not feel worthless. She began to see potential in herself that everyone else has seen. I finally talked her into studying for her GED. Countless argumentative nights, and study sessions lead her to pass 4/5 of the test on her first try (she didn’t think she would pass one). We studied for the last subject test (Math, which she hates) and she passed! Her loved ones realize the same thoughts they noticed in her, most importantly, she values her self with love, wisdom and purpose in this world. Thaimmy has now applied to several colleges and has been accepted as she looks to study Science Engineering in upcoming fall of 2018. Her story is Motivation for many whom go through similar situation. Don’t let anyone mess with your time. Don’t let anyone mess with your future. It’s never too late.

I met this young women this past summer, by the name of Dianeiris, Dominican Native with much love and spirit that blooms any 🌻. At 21, she’s Married, educated and enjoys traveling with heart set on new business ventures as she and her Husband are now newly owned business owners! Her positivity will take her far in life and there balance of eccentric energy represents what it is to truly #LiveLife – Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, December 2017