Find your purpose #LiveMore

What is happiness💬 ⛱ Happiness is the foundation of your purpose. It is what we create and make us. Three things affect our happiness. Our current occupations 👌🏽: research says we spend on average 56 hours a week (we don’t party 56 hours a week), Our Relationships affect our happiness 💯; a relationship is an… Continue Reading

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

About two years ago today, I met this young boy named Elajia. Elajia reminds me a lot of myself when I was young; very soft spoken at first, but open hearted and eccentric once you get to know him. He’s an athletic, great young student whom could just use some guidance, a roll model and… Continue Reading

Get Up With Me!

William De La Cruz ‘aka Motivation’ is a Dominican Native out of Washington Heights, New York. Will is well described by his peers and mentors as creatively original, spontaneous and bold of a personality for a relentless drive to excellence; his family being his thread and screensaver for motivation. Growing up in the heart of… Continue Reading

Why LoveLiving?

LoveLiving was created as a pathway to promote a healthy life style of positivity through stories of joy, pictures of life and videos of the way we go by our day that establishes longevity. LiveMore. No catch. Just watch my site, and take in the moments and incorporate them into your life. You want to… Continue Reading