LivingNews: (04/26/2018) What cause will you stand behind?

Our nations society has become distracted from the everyday issues that plague the world we live on. Our indulgences are significantly connected to our past, while representing a bigger picture. The causes we take in part in, frankly marks our place in history. Aside from the pictures we take, the videos we see or the [...]

AeroDynamic Workouts

Living Notes 📝 💯: Add this to your workout routine this week ➡️➡️➡️✔️One Leg Burpie Flies (3x-10) ✔️Push up/ Leg Touches (3x-10) 5 Each Leg ✔️Side Arm Push-ups (2x-25) ✔️Hills Run Sprints (5x) 5 Sec Breaks ✔️Bicycle /Curl Up Climbers (2x-20) ✔️Star One Leg Touches (2x-10) ✔️Mountain Climbers (Varied) (3x) 45 Sec ✔️Pushouts (Unlimited) LivingQuote💯✔️🥇: [...]

Could you Walk that Walk?

Could you Walk that Walk? 🏅🌎💪🏼 Light Chest/Back Day with a little twist of aero-dynamics. Walk with Confidence. Head up. Chest up. Eyes looking through someone’s soul letting everyone know you exist. Show that walk and own it. Because you can 🏅💪🏼🙅🏽‍♂️. Let me see you walk 🙏🏼 LiveMore.LoveMore.LoveLiving. What are you living for? DM [...]


Don't be imprisoned by your own thinking. Quit retreating and start attracting. Commit on every position to generate wealth. You must expand. You must make people know you. Learn to DOMINATE not compete (Granite Cardone) You might be wrong, be CERTAIN of your UNCERTAINTY. If you want people to be influenced by you, you just [...]