Foods For Body Bulking’ Abs

Okay, so lets understand one thing. In order to lose weight AND get the summer love handles everyone seeks, EXCERCISE is the number 1 and most important facet for Bulking’ abs. Running, is 1 form of exercise which absorbs body heat and reflects solar energy that ultimately fuels electrolytes in your body and burns excessive water weight, thus, finally causing you to sweat. There are many other natural forms to HELP burn those calories around those abs you just can’t get to bulk. 

Protein with BCAA (Plant Based)

In order to propel a Body Bulking’ workout, Carbohydrates are needed (Pretend Carbohydrates are these little people running around your body that provide the fuel/energy for high intense workouts). Your body burns these amino-acids in your body (protein) and burns the fat to produce this energy (carbohydrates). The correct protein refuels, rebuilds and repairs the body (that is why its important to take protein before and after a workout). If you drink an ‘easily digested’ plant based protein you will repair and build (strengthen) those muscles.  The plant-based protein you digest will also allow you to recover much quicker which means you will accomplish your goals much sooner!

“BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) are made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, three of the essential nine amino acids (” BCAA fuels metabolism, hemoglobin formation and prevents muscle tissue lost during aero-dynamic workouts.


Thermogenesis raises body temperature, which are the substances that are induced onto Green Tea.  Green tea helps your body from just relying on carbohydrates (loss of energy) to also burning fat for energy. Green tea also contains natural caffeine (for you Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks lovers) which is an appetite suppressant. The body is burning stored fat and stored carbs in the muscles. According to a Japanese study “Green tea can actually help you go farther, while burning more fat,” which will bulk those love handle abs you are seeking (you can workout, run for a longer period of time which will help you lose weight faster). Research states that in order for effective results, one must become a Green Tea addict; ‘consuming four cups per day, every day (no cheating–more then four cups won’t work).

I hope this helps. Go get those abs.

LiveMore. LoveMore. LoveLiving.



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